We at Ajlan Coolers Factory worked in various Chiller projects such as new or refubrished chillers. If you are looking for a large cooling capacity like a hypermarket, offices and factories, you might think about the chillers. Even if you have a house and you want a cost-effective A/C solution, chillers will work perfect with you. If you are interested in this solution please contact us.

How it works?

Chillers use the water as its secondary refrigerant. Chiller designed to remove the heat from the water which is then circulated through other components to absorb heat from space.

Why should I chose this solution? 

Water is non-corrosive, has specific heat value, fluid, non-toxic and is cheap. This makes it an excellent choice compared to other secondary refrigerants such as sodium chloride brines, propylene glycols, ethylene, methanol or glycerin.