Ajlan Coolers had done multiple projects in this area and glad to work with any new project. Ventilators are used to provide weatherproof outlet to let the hot air escapes from the house during summer and moist air during winter. Having enough of these devices installed on the roof will help to reduce the temperature of the house as cooler air will be brought in from the outside of the house to replace the hot air. During cold months, these ventilators help to ensure that the moisture in the house is removed otherwise it may cause damage to the roof and growth of mold.

How it works?

Ventilation is defined as the process of changing the air from one space to an entirely separate space. It is done by natural or mechanical means. Proper ventilation helps to ensure the comfort and health of the occupants in the house by maintaining the oxygen level in the house, remove of odors and hazardous gasses from the house.

It is important to ensure that the air being exhausted and being drawn into the house is balanced up otherwise it may cause depressurization. Depressurization can cause toxic combustion gasses to be released through cracks and ducts of the cooling or heating system. Stoves and fireplaces used in the house cause negative pressure hence positive pressure should be maintained by using fan or HVAC system to bring fresh air.